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Bike Fitting, Coaching and Sports  Therapy

We want you to get the most out of riding your bike... matter what style of riding you do. In our new fitting and therapy suite we can offer bike fitting, coaching and sports therapy services to complement our technical and product expertise. Treat us as your one-stop shop including:

Bike Fitting

Your new bike is a big and exciting new purchase! Get it set up exactly right for your physiology and riding style using our state of the art motion capture bike fitting service from Retul.
Find out more: Bikefitting at Cycle Heaven

Sports Therapy

We can fit the bike to you, but sometimes it's your body we need to be working on. We can offer a range of sports and more alternative therapies.
Find out more: Sports Therapy at Cycle Heaven


Refresh Yourself

Dynamic bike fits, coaching and fit tests all involve some exertion! We have showering and changing facilities on site for your convenience.

Refuel Yourself

Relax and refuel afterwards in our cafe with its delicious selection of heathly food.
Find out more: Cafe 68 at Cycle Heaven

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