Women's Bikes

We have a great range of women's specific bikes at Cycle Heaven - filtered here for your convenience. By 'women's' we mean three different types of frame shape that have traditionally been popular with, or marketed to women. Men can ride them too, just as women can ride anything else that we sell.

One frame type, is women's specific geometry - which generally involves a bike with a crossbar. Usually these are designed with proportions that are such as to suit people with longer legs and shorter torsos (more common, apparently, with women than men). However some are just available in smaller sizes than the so-called 'men's equivalent. All of the performance bikes and some of the recreational bikes are like this. 

Another, is the traditional 'lady's bike - with a low 'step-thru' frame which is easy to get on and off and very handy if you carry a lot of luggage or a child seat. Most of the town bikes and some of the recreational bikes are like this.

Finally, there is the in-between dropped crossbar (sometimes called a mixte), which gives a sportier and more contemporary look than the step-thru, but will still allow you to ride in a skirt. Most of these are recreational bikes.

Check out the different types here...