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Well-known German brand  - reliable, high quality with  no quibble 2-year warranty on electrical components.

Active Line

The lightest system, at 2.9kg, and 25% smaller than previous generations. Powerful and efficient, providing 40Nm of torque. Sophisticated control system of 3 sensors inside the drive unit (the motor) measuring pedal force, cadence and speed to adjust the assistance so that it feels just right. Usually paired with the hard-wired Purion handlebar display and control, or the detachable Intuvia display and control, to power on/off, select one of 4 assistance settings, customise display, operate lights and operate walk-assist.

Choice of silver (8.3Ah), gold (11.1Ah) or platinum (13.8Ah) batteries, giving a maximum range of 110km, 145km, or 180km.

The Bosch range calculator illustrates how battery range is affected by many variables, including riding style, bike components, terrain and conditions. It's not so easy to define a guaranteed range for your ebike!

Gazelle Vento C7 HMB women's

£1899.99 including silver battery


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2018 Gazelle Vento C7 HMB women's air blue
2018 Gazelle Vento C7 HMB women's black

The Vento C7 HMB is the new entry point to the range of mid-motor ebikes, featuring the light and compact new Bosch Active Line motor with Purion display and control. The drive system combines with a fuly enclosed transmission with Shimano seven speed Nexus hub gears and powerful Magura hydraulic rim brakes. The frame geometry makes the Vento C7 HMB one of the more sporty riding of the city bike range.

Great from smaller women, with a 46cm option!

Battery Upgrades:
With Silver battery: £1899.99
With Gold battery: £2029.99
With Platinum battery: £2199.99

Base price includes a silver battery.

Frame type: Contemporary women's

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Gazelle Size Guide

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46, 49, 53, 57cm

Colour/s: Black or air blue

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Gazelle’s e-bike nomenclature...

All Gazelle e-bikes are known as hybrids (H), as they combine human power with electrical power. They either have the motor located in the middle (M) of the bike between the pedals or at the front (F) in the middle of the wheel. They build bikes using motors from 3 different manufacturers, Bosch (B), Shimano (S) or Panasonic (P).

HMB - Hybrid Mid Bosch
HMS - Hybrid Mid Shimano
HFP -   Hybrid Front Panasonic

Axa frame locks
All Gazelles have a frame lock fitted at the rear of the bike, which immobilises the rear wheel at the flick of a lever. This means that an opportunist thief will have to carry your pride and joy away. If you use it in conjunction with a good D-lock, you have great security. The lock always comes with 2 keys - if you lose them or damage them, all is not lost. We have outlined all you need to know here.