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2019 Cannondale SystemSix Hi-MOD Dura Ace Women's

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The all-new SystemSix was created with one simple goal in mind – to be the fastest and most efficient UCI-legal road bike in the world. Its unique fully integrated design delivers more speed, in more situations, than any other bike on the market today. For race day fast. And everyday fast. It's the world's fastest bike.

No ordinary aero bike: faster up, down and on the flats!

This one: Hi-Modulus carbon frame; Shimano Dura Ace; Cannondale Hollowgram SI chainset with Power2Max Pre-installed (not activated); Hollowgram KNOT64 carbon wheelset.

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Frame type


Size options

51, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62cm


Acid Strawberry

The SystemSix's aerodynamic advantage make it faster than ligtweight climbing bikes on any climb up to a 6% gradient or more, depending on rider's power to weight. To put that in perspective, most revered HC climbs in the Tour only average 7-8%.

Descending a 5% grade at 60kph, a rider on a modern lightweight race bike would need to expend over 300W to match a ridder pedalling at a 200W recovery pace on a SYstemSix. Meaning SystemSix riders can truly recover. While going faster.

Compared to a modern lightweight race bike, at 48kph (~30mph). SystemSix saves you over 50W - huge savings considering an average Cat 1 racer's functional threshold power is around 350W. And even when drafting, you're still getting up to 60% of that benefit.  

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