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2018 Ridgeback Voyage


The Ridgeback Voyage has been a roaring success and, as far as we have found, thoroughly deserved its plaudits. A classic tourer with butted Reynolds 520 steel frame (same as 525, but made under quality-controlled licence in Taiwan), heavy duty wheels, high quality Shimano components, cross top brake levers, mudguards, Blackburn rack and frame pump.

The Voyage is a bike designed from the gound up for the purpose of carrying large loads for long distances. The frame and the wheels are designed to take it. You can load up with 2 large rear panniers with a tent and sleeping bag between, 2 small front panniers and a bar bag. The Shimano Alivio / Deore mix 24-speed is low-geared to help you get everything up those mountain passes, and the Tektro canti brakes are powerful enough to keep your descent under control. You're all set for taking the longest self-supported route you've got time for.

Steel frames are ideal for touring bikes for several reasons. The inherent high strength of steel is a no-brainer for a bike that is likely to be laden front and rear. The inherent springiness (elasticity in geek-speak) of steel also means that long rides are less jarring and more comfortable. This elasticity also ensures that the frame is less likely to break during use with heavy loads (fatigue strength in geek-speak). It's possible to make aluminium strong enough to cope with touring loading cycles, but it's difficult to make it as comfortable.

As well as touring, this bike would also make a very dependable, solid, longer distance commuter.

Class Rating


Frame type

Classic men's diamond

Size options

49, 52, 55, 57, 59cm


Gloss red/brown

Ridgeback's World range is a group of bikes for people who quite simply want to travel.  The modern embodiment of the British tradition of bikes made for the open road. Characterised by traditional geometry frames with drop handlebars, these bikes will give you the confidence to plan to go further afield. Whether you're planning to trundle along the byways of these islands, you've booked a day long sportive, or you're planning a year-long self-supported epic, there's a bike here for you.

As we have come to expect from Ridgeback, the bikes in the World range are equipped with sensible components unencumbered by fad or fashion. We love these purposeful steel bikes.

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