Bike Brands

"Handbuilt in England" they used to say. Well, all bikes were handbuilt - they still are, but not in England (except for Brompton). Whatever most bike brands like to say, or imply ("UK designed," "American Bike Technology" etc), the fact of the matter is that most high quality bikes are built in the Far East from a shopping list of standardised parts by manufacturers that you've never heard of. Apart from a few exceptions, the brands that you have heard of are not manufacturers any more, but designers and brand managers who buy in their manufacturing. The really top end brands, like Cannondale, get into the business of technology development - and this is what makes them special.

The key thing that you need to know is this: is it a good brand? i.e. does it design and sell great quality bikes? If we stock it, then the answer is yes. Most of the bikes we sell are made in the Republic of China, AKA Taiwan - which is a good thing, as Taiwanese production technology, and therefore their quality, is absolutely superb (inferior brands manufacture all their bikes in lower cost factories in poorer countries). Otherwise, there is Gazelle - still made in the Netherlands and Brompton - an outpost of excellence admidst the otherwise sorry landscape of British manufacturing decline.

Then of course, there is all that subjective stuff about brand values. No doubt they (and we), will want to tell you their 'stories,' but our brands are all good quality and in our sector of the market, broadly equivalent, so we say don't get too hung up on brands. You can find out more about them here...