Junior and Kids Bikes

The simple joy of riding a bike is at its most intense first time round and that's why it's important to get it right. At Cycle Heaven we have simply the best range of kids bikes in York - from 'just walking' balance bikes, right up to small adult bikes for younger teenagers. Kids can test ride the bikes both in or out of the store, as appropriate, and we'll make sure your child is correctly fitted to whichever style you (or they) decide.

Starting out… learning to ride (2-4 years)
We sell balance bikes and bikes with stabilisers for children learning to ride. If you are starting out, our advice is to go for balance bikes every time. The arrival of balance bikes is, in our humble opinion, once of the biggest advances in cycle technology in the last 50 years. Teaching your child to balance first, before they get distracted by pedals really helps them progress much faster. On the other hand, we do understand that some children may not take to them and prefer the tricycle feel of stabilisers. That’s fine too. Speak to one of our staff for advice and help getting your child started.

Next steps… junior bikes (5-11 years)
We have loads of choice for this age range including city bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes. These are measured by wheel size (see below). Choose according to your child’s and your family’s needs. Most popular are hybrids...

Hybrids - the Ridgeback Dimensions or Cannondale Quicks which offer the best combination of practicality and performance – being very light, with smoothish tyres for speed, but which are nevertheless fat enough to handle a bit of off-road. They will also readily accept a kickstand, rack and mudguards making them very practical too.

MTB - For more serious off-road with front suspension look to the Cannondale Trails and Cujos with the Ridgeback offering an economy alternative in the boyish MX (14/16/20/24) range and some more girly alternatives (e.g. Honey/ Melody/Harmony/Destiny).

City - Alternatively if you are looking for a more practical and equipped bike check out the German Puky range or some of our more traditional alternatives. These all feature a more upright comfort oriented riding posture.  

14” wheel: 3-5 years
16” wheel: 4-6 years
20” wheel: 6-8 years
24” wheel: 7-10 years;
26” wheel: 10+ years.

Transitional Bikes… 10+ years
We can also offer bikes for younger teenagers – be they transitional models with 26” wheels, or small adult bikes. As every parent knows, this is a time of serious growth and constant expense as they seem to wear out or outgrow everything they touch. Whether it’s by fitting a shorter stem or cut down seatpost, we’ll do our best to adapt our bikes to your teenager yet give you a realistic and honest opinion about the ‘growing room’ of any particular bike.




Cycle Heaven 5 point scale:

Lycra obligatory
Lycra necessary
Lycra optional
No lycra here
Going nowhere fast

Your Renaissance bike
Jack of all trades and master of some
Jack of all trades, better at some than others
Master of one, jack of another
Highly adapted – master of one

Well equipped and capable
High level of equipment with hub or derailleur gears
Half way practical
Sporty bikes that will take mudguards
Not a practical bike, so go have fun!


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