Selected models now available for local delivery via our e-comerce website

We've been selling ebikes for 20 years... and in this time we've seen exciting growth in this sector, driven by huge advances in technology and performance. We love the fact that ebikes widen the reach of cycling, making it more viable and accessible for all sorts of people. Whether you are looking for a 'no sweat' commute; have extra loads (and children) to carry; need to extend your comfortable range; or are mobility impaired and may have thought your cycling days are over, we have the answer for you. These bikes offer solutions, so think of a problem!

At Cycle Heaven we sell only pedal-assist e-bikes (assistance is only provided if you pedal), to allow the rider to get the enjoyment and health benefits of pedalling exercise with the promise of extra help when the going gets tough, be it gradient, headwind or fatigue. Highway regulations demand a 'pedal-assist' control protocol to keep it a bicycle, rather than a moped. As a result, the assistance is programmed to cease at 25km/h, around 15.5mph.

We stock e-bikes to cater for all requirements ranging from pottering in the town, floating up the hills or racing through a commute. The number of ebike brands that we stock is growing each year, so come and try them out in store! We also offer and range of workshop services for ebikes.

Please note that although we aim to stock a wide range of ebikes, it is not possible to stock all models in all sizes. If you are very interested in a particular model, it is advisable to call us first on 01904 636578 to check availability.




Cycle Heaven 5 point scale:

Lycra obligatory
Lycra necessary
Lycra optional
No lycra here
Going nowhere fast

Your Renaissance bike
Jack of all trades and master of some
Jack of all trades, better at some than others
Master of one, jack of another
Highly adapted – master of one

Well equipped and capable
High level of equipment with hub or derailleur gears
Half way practical
Sporty bikes that will take mudguards
Not a practical bike, so go have fun!


*2019 Cannondale Tesoro Neo X1

Was £3,499.99

Now only £2699.99

2018 Gazelle Orange C8 HMS High Step

£2549.00 including silver 400wh battery

2019 Gazelle CityZen C8+ HMB Men's

£2599.99 including PLATINUM battery

£2399.99 (500Wh battery)

2019 Gazelle Vento C7 HMB low or midstep

£1899.99 including silver battery

2020 Gazelle Balance C7 HFP unisex

£2099.99 including bronze battery

2020 Gazelle Grenoble C380 HMB High Step

£2759.40 including gold 400wh battery

2020 Gazelle Grenoble C380 HMB Low Step

£2759.40 including gold 400wh battery

2020 Gazelle Grenoble C8 HMB High Step

2599.99 including gold battery

2020 Gazelle Grenoble C8 HMB Low Step

2599.99 including gold battery

2020 Gazelle Heavy DutyNL C7 HMB High Step

£1999.00 including silver 300wh battery