Tune Up

Tune Up Bike Service £50

For occasional riders

Peace of mind if you're unsure about the state of your bike. Good for lightly used bikes, those that have sat unused in the garage for lengthy periods of time, or new bikes that have not been set up

  • A detailed safety check on your bike.
  • We check over and adjust the key systems on the bike - wheels, brakes and gears, headset, lube the chain and pump the tyres.
  • We inspect and adjust  the key safety-critical fastenings on the bike, including saddle, handbars, chainset, and pedals
  • We clean the frame.
  • This service does not include the fitting of parts. If this is necessary, your bike will need to be booked in for a Set Up or a Refit.
  • This service does not include cleaning beyond the frame. Excessively dirty bikes will attract a cleaning surcharge of £10-15.
  • Surcharge of £20 for a diagnostic check and software update on e-bikes (£10 saving on standalone price!).
  • Repairs qualify for our customer reward scheme - one sticker for every £5 spent. One full card of 15 is worth £5 credit.

To book your bike in for a Tune Up call us now:

For our Hospital Fields Road store, call: 01904 636578 / 651870
For our York Station store, call: 01904 622701 / 630378
For our Bishopthorpe Road store, call: 01904 672059