About Cycle Heaven

29 Years and rolling...

We want to convert the world to cycling
There's room for everyone in Cycle Heaven - whatever way you roll!

OUR STORY starts in the mid 1980s when our founder Andy, visited Copenhagen. A few days biking and strolling around the city with his native guide had a profound impact. Urban life in the UK in the 70s and 80s was synonymous with noise, pollution and decay,  but this was not what he experienced there. Being free to enjoy all the excitement of a capital city, but to do so in public spaces that felt so relaxed was a revelation to him. It it was clear at the time that there was one standout factor: the people of Copenhagen were not car-dependent - they got about on foot, by bicycle and by public transport.  It was self-evident that this has had a massive impact on their quality of life and that everyone in that city was the beneficiary of this.  Seeing the city from the saddle of a bicycle, begged the question - "why can't everywhere be like this." He become an instant convert to the bicycle. So the road to Cycle Heaven began in Copenhagen.

So one thing that you will find at Cycle Heaven is decent city bikes. But, as a shop we are also committed to a diverse culture of cycling. The depth and breadth of our staff's cycling experience inform the kind of products and advice that we offer because we all ride lots of different bikes. At Cycle Heaven there's something for everyone: for hardcore bikies, who might only want to buy the frame and self-build, to the everyday rider who's not interested in the bike - just the colour! 

We have three shops with different specialisms - more on each here: Hospital Fields RoadBishy Rd and York Station.

ESTABLISHED in 1993 we’re friendly, approachable, very experienced and highly professional. We want you to cycle away on your perfect bike and we’ll offer sound, down to earth advice to make sure that happens - whether you want to spend £300 or £13,000. We are so confident about the quality of our bikes that we give away an unbeatable one year's free servicing on all our new bikes. We care passionately about our business, our community and the future of cycling. We are very advocacy driven and strong supporters and sponsors of YORK CYCLE CAMPAIGN.

And we are not a here-today-gone-tomorrow-private-equity-funded-corporate-with-revolving-door-directors. We are an independent retailer - run by people who live and work here, who actually give a stuff about our community and its future. So if you have any problems you can speak to the owners. We'll give you the straight stuff. That's a promise.




Our Service Standards

  • A Broad Church. Because we offer such a wide range of different types of bike, we'll make no assumptions about your needs. You tell us.
  • The Straight Stuff. We'll always be straight with you as long as you're straight with us. And we'll always give you our honest opinion about a product - what it's good for and what it's not! 
  • No Quibbles Guarantee. If you are not happy with the bike we sold you, then we'll change it - as long as you get back to us in reasonable time and reasonable nick (we'll be the judge of that).
  • One Year's Free Servicing. In addition to the manufacturer's warranties you will get a year's free labour on all our bikes. This includes all routine services and repairs, but not major specification changes.
  • Ride before you buy. Please do... we insist!

The buck stops where?

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or gripes, that you feel are not being satisfactorily handled, you can ask for one of the partners. It stops here: Piers Maffett or Andy Shrimpton. You can email us on: info@cycle-heaven.co.uk