Refit Bike Service £120

For all-weather commuters and bike wreckers!

A Refit Service is very comprehensive and therefore suitable for regularly used bikes with many worn parts which need replacing. This is a great value package, as it includes a deep clean. If your bike is very well used, this will put it right.

  • We will set up all the systems on your bike: the gears and brakes; true the wheels and pump the tyres; lubricate the transmission and other parts; remove the seatpost, pedals and handlebar stem and regrease where necessary, and check for tightness of all the key fastenings on the bike.
  • This service includes the fitting of all key consumables, including transmission parts. These are: chain, chainset, rear sprockets, tyres, tubes, wheels, all control cables and brake pads.
  • This is a very through service, but does not involve internal parts servcing. If you want all of these addressing then book an Overhaul.  
  • Includes a deep clean: full degreasing and cleaning of the transmission (when not replaced), as well as a full clean of the frame and wheels.
  • This service includes cleaning, but what we class as 'excessively dirty' (i.e. mud caked) bikes will attract a cleaning surcharge of £10-15.
  • Surcharge of £20 for a diagnostic check and software update on e-bikes (£10 saving on standalone price!).
  • This price is exclusive of parts.
  • Repairs qualify for our customer reward scheme - one sticker for every £5 spent. One full card of 15 is worth £5 credit.

To book your bike in for a Refit call us now...

For our Hospital Fields Road store, call: 01904 636578 / 651870
For our York Station store, call: 01904 622701 / 630378
For our Bishopthorpe Road store, call: 01904 672059