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Airnimal Joey Sport


The Airnimal Joey Sport is the most affordable and basic of the Airnimal bikes. Using a 8 speed Shimano Alivio gearset and an excellent quality wheelset this bike is light (11kg) and with a range of 33 to 96 gear inches, very versatile. Front Deore disc brakes offer great braking performance in any condition.

Mudguards and rack are available to fit the Joey, although they complicate the fold to varying degrees.

The Joey Sport is ideal as a fast commuter or utility bike if you fit mudguards or as a fitness machine. This bike can be ordered with a choice of a 507 or 520 rim size. The 507 has a wide rim & larger volume Marathon tyre which makes it more robust and comfortable, the 520 on the other hand has a narrow road rim and high pressure tyre which makes for a quicker ride.

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Satin Black, Satin Black and White, Cambridge Blue

Airnimal folding bikes set out to give true full-size bike performance in a compact collapsible format. Driven by the desire to be able to take your best bike with you wherever you go, be it bus, train, car or plane, the concept was brought to the market. The brand offers two basic road-based models, which are both available with a variety of different specifications: the Chameleon and the Joey.

Both bikes are classed as collapsible rather than folding because they involve a level of dismantling. However, within 30 seconds they are ready to be carried aboard a bus or train in carry-on size. Within 3 minutes, they are packed into a case ready for airplane travel.

It comes with two wheel sizes: sporty 520 rims with thinner high pressure sports tyres and rims, or the versatile and slightly smaller 507 size. The latter come with thicker tyres, better suited to touring and more varied road conditions. Due to historically varied wheel sizing standards both are nominally "24 inch" but the 507 is the more common (24x1.75). Essentially, the Joey will deliver large wheel performance in a foldable package but at a more affordable price than the Chameleon. Racks and mudguards are available for all models (but do complicate the fold).

We love these bikes because they offer a very practical solution to a classic conundrum: how to bring your best bike with you on your travels. We think they've succeeded.

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