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Condor Leggero

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Frameset £3199.99, complete builds from £4499.99

The Leggero sits at the pinnacle of Condor's road race offering, ridden by the elite riders of the UCI Continental pro cycling Team JLT Condor. There is probably nothing faster or more effective at transferring your power into forward motion available in our shop. Here is a chance to own a real-life pro race bike from Cycle Heaven.

What's so special...? An optimised blend of stiffness, compliance and light weight emerges from the careful mix of high modulus, ultra high modulus and uni-directional fibres with nano resins. The feedback loop between the team's riders, the Condor design team and the Venetian frame builder, Sarto, ensures that frameset performance and optimisation advance continually. The latest incarnation of the Leggero features a Kamm tail seat tube profile and chainstays optimised for aero performance and stiffness.

So, it's comfortable and efficient and it can resist the awesome power input of a ferocious beast like Ed Clancy without losing its composure.

Team JLT Condor ride their Leggeros (Leggeri...?) equipped with Super Record EPS and Bora wheels.... You could spec yours with anything you like.


Class Rating


Frame type

Semi compact diamond

Size options

46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 61cm.



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Condor has a special relationship with it's own frame builder in the north of Italy, the identity of which is a bit of a secret. Suffice to say that the builder now builds exclusively for Condor alone, having previously carried out work for some of the most famous and prestigious Italian marques.

Painting and finishing is also carried out  here, according to the colour and graphic schemes prescribed for each model each season. Custom colour can be chosen from an extensive palette, at a cost of £200 for a single colour, plus £100 for the fork, if not already painted. Decal schemes may also be chosen from a limited range. The full range of options is listed here. Expect a 10 week lead time on custom options.

We will ensure that you get the perfect fit for your Condor. We'll size you up either on a built bike or on our Retül Müve adjustable fit bike, to give you an idea of what to expect, to guarantee the perfect frame size and to correctly size the finishing kit components, in accordance with your aspirations and your ability.

We'll also ensure that your bike is built up perfectly by our most experienced technicians who have achieved Cytech Level 3 accreditation.

We know how special a Condor is and we want you to enjoy your special purchase.

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