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2021 Riese & Müller Charger Mixte Silent

£4259.00 including 500wh battery

Riese & Müller Charger Mixte is the mid-framed version of the most affordable R&M bike with hub gear and belt drive, with two variants to choose from, starting at £3919.00. The lower frame makes for easier mounting and dismounting while capturing the needs of riders for everyday transport and days out are captured, in comfort and with ease and confidence, by virtue of the relaxed geometry, dynamic chassis, suspension fork and comfort seatpost. This versatile machine is available with a 700c wheel size or with slightly smaller, fatter wheels on the GT variants.

The Charger Mixte Silent boasts the Bosch Performance Line Gen 3 motor, light and powerful with an impressive torque output of 65Nm, to keep you going on any terrain. The integrated 500Wh internal battery offers range of up to 80 miles, but this is easily extended with different battery options. The powerful Magura MT4 disc brakes control your speed effortlessly, the 100mm suspension fork and Thudbuster seatpost deliver maximum comfort, the discreetly mounted Abus Bordo folding lock gives on-the-go, practical security. Comes with Intuvia cockpit display and switch as standard equipment. This bike is your ideal bike if you would benefit from easier mounting and dismounting, you ride primarily on the road, if load-carrying is a regular requirement, and if the budget is a bit tight.

Class Rating


Frame type


Size options

46cm and 49cm


Matt black, electric red, pearl white

GT models are generally better suited to varied riding surfaces than non-GT models; featuring 27.5 (650b) wheels with tyres that are smaller diameter and fatter than the 700c tyres on the non-GT models, and higher performance suspension forks and suspension seatpost. Higher priced.

Cockpit Options - Kiox £140.00, SmartphoneHub £140.00

Battery Options - Dual Battery 1000Wh £839.00

Use the Bosch Range Assistant  to help calculate the distance of your next adventure. 

To ensure longevity and peak performance of your Bosch eBike battery, we recommend reading the Bosch eBike Battery Care Guide PDF


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