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2021 Riese & Müller Packster 70 Vario in Chiili Matt

£6439.00 including 500wh battery

Riese & Müller Packster 70 is a superbly engineered multifunctional load carrying ebike, representing the latest development in this family of e-cargo bikes. Capable of carrying three children with their stuff or a mountain of shopping, the Packster 70 allows no justification for using a car for short and medium distance travelling. The out-front cargo space converts easily, the riding position cleverly and quickly converts to suit riders ranging from 150cm to 200cm, the riding dynamics feel calm and predictable. The Bosch Cargo Line Cruise drive system makes heavily-loaded riding an absolute breeze. This latest cargo bike iteration can even discreetly pack 1250Wh of battery energy, sufficient for long, long days out, or days and days of family chores without recharging. Comes with the Purion display as standard.

The Packster 70 boasts the latest Bosch Cargo Line Cruise drive unit, related to the Performance Line CX unit, delivering the same whopping 85Nm of torque, but tuned to give specially powerful assistance at lower speeds, particularly during starting, and magnifying the pedal force by up to 400%; exactly what you need when you are pushing the maximum 200kg all-up vehicle weight.  The adjustable seatpost and stem ensure a comfortable riding position for all the family. Comfort and handling are optimised by the front suspension fork, high volume tyres and the suspension seatpost. Powerful braking is guaranteed by the Tektra hydraulic disc brakes. Practical on-the-go security is provided by the integrated Abus frame lock.

Of the three variants to choose, the Packster 70 Vario is quite probably the classic configuration, featuring the impressive, bomb-proof Enviolo continuously variable transmission (CVT) hub gear, which allows gear change as simply as adjusting a volume control. This hub was conceived and designed for this type of application. By design, capable of absorbing the huge torque values delivered by the drive unit, it also allows gear change, simply and quietly, at any time, and utilises the super-clean, quiet and low maintenance Gates carbon belt drive.

There are many configuration options available for this amazing bike. For a comprehensive list, please see Additional Info below.

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Frame type


Size options



Chilli matt,

Cockpit Options - SmartphoneHub £140.00, Nyon £280.00

Battery Option - DualBattery 1250Wh £1212.00

Cargo Area - Cargo Carry System - £140.00, double child seat £187.00, double child seat with baby seat £280.00, 3 child seats £280.00, 3 child seats with baby seat £373.00

Weather Protection - flat box cover £0.00, tarpaulin £75.00, high box cover £187.00, child cover £280.00

Performance Package - high performance Tektro brakes, high performance Supernova lights and suspension seatpost £466.00

Comfort Kit - swept handlebar, with wider saddle £0.00

Additional lock - lock for glovebox £28.00

Additional chain lock and bag - extender chain to plug in to the frame lock, and carrying bag £47.00

GX Option - Fat tyre, all terrain, flat pedals, Ergon grips with bar ends £47.00

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