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Birdy Speed


The Birdy Speed is the lightest folding bike we sell. As the name suggests its built to go fast and with its very low weight and performance parts you'd usually find on a racing bike it certainly lives up to its name. The low weight also helps when transporting the bike in the folded state, getting on and off trains is a breeze.


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Black, White, Lime Green and Blue

The Birdy from the German company Riese und Müller is a full suspension folding bike with superior road performance and some off road potential. The Birdy's fold allows it to retain a jointless main frame that is solid and stable. The use of an aluminium monocoque frame makes it very, very light. The use of a swingarm both front and rear allows full suspension and folding. All this adds up to a bike that's light, fast and fun to ride.

Although the Birdy enjoys all the generic advantages of any folder - namely compact portability, it is best suited to those who seek a faster ride and to cover longer distances than the Brompton. It does not have quite such an easy or compact fold as the Brompton, but it is lighter for lugging around!

The Birdy is a configurable cycle - like the Brompton. Simply choose your colour, transmission option and accessories. The accessories can also be added on at a later date. All Birdys are ready to take mudguards and a kickstand, both of which we strongly recommend, though we are happy to accessorise to your own specification.

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