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Surly Pacer complete bike or frame

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Was £1,499.99

Now only £1199.99

In 56cm only.

Surly says: The Pacer is not what most race-inspired roadies seem to drool over. It isn’t on the cutting edge of design, it isn't made of the latest ultra light super-expensive materials, and it isn't festooned with lots of bright colors and graphics. Rather, it is a road bike made of our favorite material, cro-moly steel, using frame geometry that makes it fast and efficient like a road bike should be, but it is not a racing bike. This is a frame meant for all day rides. There are a lot of other road frames out there that are flashier, more exotic, and full of promises most riders only dream of fulfilling. The Pacer doesn't make promises. It's simply a great riding steel frame.

Surly decided to offer it as a complete bike to make it easier for folks to try one. It's laterally stiff but vertically compliant, which is just a fancy way of saying it's comfy but responds when you push hard on the pedals. It's got plenty of tire clearance for larger tires than is normal for road frames because larger tires are more comfy. Since tire casings flex before the frame, higher volume tires to take the edge off the bumps and jangles which otherwise can harsh your ride. The complete has 28mm tires, a good all around size that will still allow you to add fenders if you like. As you might expect, Surly built it up with a parts kit that is more than capable but not snobbish or unnecessarily expensive. No, the Pacer will not impress people who live for the next replica team ‘kit.’ The Pacer reminds us, quietly, that there is a road bike out there for the rest of us.

Cycling Plus reviewed the Pacer in 2011 and these are a selection of their comments:

"Pleasingly fast, with nimble steering balanced with excellent high speed stability...classy looks and classy ride for the price...A great clubman's bike that could double or triple as a commuter bike, light tourer or winter trainer...Verdict: a very competitively priced road machine-cum-commuter-light tourer."

Class Rating


Frame type

Classic men's diamond

Size options

42, 46, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62cm


Red Flake

Double butted 4130 Cro-Mo tubing.

Surly ‘Breeze-in’ vertical dropouts.
Mudguard eyes and pump pegs.
68mm BB, 130mm rear spacing.
Weight: 2Kg (54cm frame only)
1 1/8” threadless brazed semi-sloping crown Cr-Mo fork (1Kg) included.
Red Flake

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