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2018 Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB Women's

£2999.99 including gold battery

Ultimate by name, Ultimate by nature. 

The Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB is an electric powerhouse. Equipped with the Bosch Performance Line motor offering 63Nm of torque whilst still delivering good range. The effect of the torque shows itself in the way the drive unit pulls you effortlessly up the steepest of inclines.

The Ultimate T10 HMB is equipped on the handlebars with the impressive Bosch Nyon on-board computer and GPS navigation sytem. With this little device you can control every aspect of the pedal-assist system, plan, create, modify and follow a route on a moving map, measure your fitness, and see what's going on on your phone!

As with any of the Ultimates, the T10 HMB sits firmly at the top end of the Gazelle range, commanding a price higher than the standard range, yet entirely justified by the spec sheet. Hand-finished welds render the joints almost completely invisible: high spec cycle components from Shimano give both transmission and braking a silky and effortless touch: luxurious accessories tend to the rider's needs, delivering function with comfort.

There is a walking assistance mode to help the rider negotiate tight spaces or ramps where riding would not be possible. Wheel removal is even made easy by virtue of the derailleur gears and disc brakes - an important consideration during puncture repair.

If you have to have the best available, the Ultimate T10 HMB is your ride.

Battery Options:
With Gold battery: £2999.99
With Platinum battery: £3169.99

Base price includes a gold battery

Class Rating


Frame type

Contemporary women's

Size options

49, 53 and 57


Armour grey black primer

Well known German brand. Reliable, high quality, no quibble 2-year warranty on electrical components.

Performance Line
The higher performing of the Bosch systems, higher torque drive system, giving 60Nm to the rider, for better hill performance and a feeling of more grunt.
Only comes on the highest spec Gazelle e-bike, the Ultimate T10.
Sophisticated control system of 3 sensors inside the drive unit (the motor) measuring pedal force, cadence and speed to adjust the assistance so that it feels just right.
Paired with the detachable Nyon interactive display, basically an on-board computer with GPS navigation and Bluetooth interactivity, to give the rider a massive range of powerful tools and features which can be paired with a phone. Allows walk-assist

Choice of silver (8.3Ah), gold (11.1Ah) or platinum (13.8Ah) batteries, giving a max range of 92km, 125km, or 154km.

The Bosch range calculator illustrates how battery range is affected by many variables, including riding style, bike components, terrain and conditions. It's not so easy to define a guaranteed range for your ebike!

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