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2019 Gazelle Orange C310 HMS women's

£2749.99 including gold battery

The Orange C310 HMS is notable in its use of the impressive Enviolo (formerly NuVinci) stepless (or continuously variable transmission) gear hub. In this case, an Enviolo City Manual transmission, powered by the Shimano STEPS E6100 drive system doling out 60Nm of torque. Offering gear change as simple as a volume control, there's no more clunking between indexed gears, just smooth variations of gear ratio with the feather-light twist shift. This is a seriously clever piece of engineering! The drive unit and hub gear are connected by a Gates carbon CDX drive belt, rather than a chain. Lubricant-free, clean, quiet and efficient, the belt drive is a perfect match for the ingenious hub gear.

The light and powerful Shimano STEPS E6100 drive system mounted between the pedals is able to churn out 60Nm of torque, making it our most capable ebike; quiet, powerful and efficient. As you'd expect from a Gazelle, there are plenty of other innovative and high spec components to accompany the power train; the beautifully sleek and powerful fender-integrated lighting, the fork crown-mounted suspension, the super-powerful Magura HS11 hydraulic brakes and, of course, the usual Dutch bike components.

The Orange C310 HMS can take you into and through absolutely any kind of terrain, if you would rather enjoy the ride without having to think about gear numbering and sequences and just want to enjoy the ride.

Battery Options:
With Gold battery: £2749.99
With Platinum battery: £2919.99

Base price includes a gold battery

Class Rating


Frame type

Contemporary women's

Size options

49, 53, 57cm


Desert titanium grey

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The Japanese world-leading components manufacturer's mid-mounted motor can be controlled by manual shifting or automatic shifting (Di2).

Shimano has many years of proven reliability on a global scale. The drive system can be serviced by any Shimano dealer anywhere in the world, using the e-tube software program. 2 year warranty for all electrical components.

Fast, smart charging – up to 80% in 2 hours, 100% in 4 hours. Gold 11.6Ah battery gives a max range of 125km. Platinum 13.9Ah battery gives a max range of 145km.

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