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Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4

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The Topstone is Cannondale’s all out gravel bike range, covering single and dual suspension, carbon and aluminium frame options.

The Topstone Carbon 4 is the 2’s more affordable brother. Based around the same high spec full carbon frame, fork and Kingpin suspension system, the Carbon 4 swaps out the carbon wheels and more expensive Hollowgram components for Cannondale’s tried and tested home grown range;  a little heavier and slightly less refined but still a fantastic gravel bike in all respects. (See Additional Information below for detail on Hollowgram and SAVE technologies)

Equipped with top of the range Shimano GRX drivetrain, double 46/30t wide ratio crank, hydraulic brakes and shifters with 105 11-34 11 speed cassette, WTB light tubeless ready rims, fat 37c tyres and multiple luggage mount points all make the Carbon 4 a really attractive more affordable package which will perform well on road but truly excel for those weekends where the hills, trails and off road adventures are too good to resist.

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The Topstone delivers what everyone has been looking for. Versatility and performance, smashing it on and off road. Fatter tyres, lower gears lots of mounting options. Load it up, strip it down - the ultimate go anywhere, do anything bike.

Hollowgram and SAVE technologies

The evolution of the revolution. 13 years ago, the original Cannondale HollowGram crank started the BB30 revolution and set a new standard for ultra-light, super-stiff cranks.  These hollow cranks are created by bonding together two machined, heat-treated clamshell halves with a super-strong anaerobic bonding agent. Extensive FEA modeling and physical testing have allowed Cannondale to refine the internal and external shapes for the ultimate in stiffness-to-weight. The results is a crank light and stiff enough for the top road race machines but still so tough, it is used  on their mountain bikes as well.

SAVE is not strictly a technology per se, but more of a manufacturing approach – by manipulating the composition and material of their frames and components in certain areas, Cannondale claim that SAVE can enhance frame compliance (comfort) without sacrificing rigidity and performance. SAVE seat tubes have a sloping design that is designed to help smooth rides in concert with Cannondale’s smaller diameter SAVE seatposts.


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