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Gazelle Bloom C7 HMS low step

From £2349.99 inc 418w battery

The Bloom C7 HMS is the quintessential electric Dutch 'mamafiets' or mummy bike. Designed explicitly for the purpose of transporting one or two children and their stuff with you on a bicycle in safety and in comfort. The Bloom's form follows its design aim : a spacious braced frame and wrap-around handlebars for accommodating a front seat, a stable, wide 2 leg centre-stand and a steering lock for parked stability. The rear rack is fully integrated to fit the Yepp Maxi Easifit childseat and long enough to carry panniers with the rear childseat fitted. All child/gear/shopping carrying challenges have been met with this bike!

This electric Bloom has a powerful Shimano STEPS 6100 mid-mounted motor and stepless hub gears, suitable for all types of trips and terrain and plenty of power to transport you and your family in comfort and safety. 

There is no greater sight on the road than a Bloom in full flight with mum and 2 children! We like to call it the Mother Ship.

Add £340 for a 630w battery upgrade.

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Frame type


Size options

49, 53, 57, 61cm


Light Olive, Black Matt

The Gazelle range of Lifestyle, Urban Bikes and specials encompasses any bike that meets the typical Dutch requirement of providing effective transport, while at the same time, looking and feeling great.

All of the bikes in this broad category feature simple, low maintenance gears and brakes, with built-in lighting, security and load-carrying.

City bikes are the most practical and functional of these, providing strong, dependable transport solutions in a no-nonsense way. Lifestyle bikes achieve a similar feat while making a pretty strong style statement. Some use avant-garde mechanical design, some use of strong colour and graphics and some recall and develop classic retro styling.

Most day-to-day needs, for family, work or leisure, are met easily by one of the Gazelle bikes in this range.

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