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2020 Genesis Croix de Fer 10 Flat Bar

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Croix De Fer 10
The original genre-defying, boundary-blurring is now available in a more affirdable flat bar version. The original gravel bike, with the same ‘go-anywhere, do anything' attitude that’s been instilled since conception.

Whilst it’s nice to know what a particular bike is for, we feel applying a specific label to a bike as versatile as the Croix’ hamstrings it somewhat, pigeonholing it to one specific use, when, in reality the scope is much, much wider. As such, it’s a whole lot easier to list what it ‘can be’ rather than what ‘it is’… Want to mount front and rear racks to the CdF and use it as a tourer? No problem. Want to fit ‘guards and use it as daily urban commuter? No problem? Want to leave it in stock guise and use it as a mixed terrain do-it-all? No problem; the Croix’ will admirably turn its hand to all.

Never has one bike been more worthy of the ‘one bike, many hats’ crown. Croix de Fer - supremely capable, infinitely adaptable.

Class Rating


Frame type

Semi compact diamond

Size options

XS / S / M / L / XL


Red or Grey

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