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2019 Gazelle CityZen C8+ HMB Men's

£2599.99 including PLATINUM battery

£2399.99 (500Wh battery)

In 57cm high-step only only.

The CityZen C8+ HMB is an exhilirating part of the Gazelle range, with instant appeal to riders of all generations and aspirations. Its 50Nm Bosch Active Line Plus pedal-assist system provides bags of torquey power directly to the chain and features a battery cunningly concealed in the frame. This modern ebike offers a more sporty, forward-leaning riding position than other models and is one of the lightest in the Gazelle range. The light weight, compact frame design make this a manoeuvrable and nippy machine easily capable of tackling the hilliest terrains at pace. Equipped with 8 speed Shimano Nexus hub gears, the transmission is both robust and reliable. The mass of the electric motor and battery are easily brought to a stop by the powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. The battery lighting is fully integrated and of a very high specification. Walk-Assist helps the rider negotiate tight spaces or ramps where riding would not be possible. A chain tensioner (not a derailleur, as it might appear!) and disc brakes make wheel removal relatively straightforward, an important consideration during puncture repair.

This is an exciting, modern, sporty, lightweight Gazelle ebike that still retains the practicality inherrent in its Gazelle heritage.

Base price includes a 13Ah (500Wh) 'platinum' battery

Class Rating


Frame type

Contemporary men's

Size options

53, 57 and 61cm


Matt Black, Desert Titanium or Tropical Blue

Well-known German brand. Reliable, high quality, no quibble 2-year warranty on electrical components.

Active Line Plus
Powerful and efficient, providing 50Nm of torque. Sophisticated control system of 3 sensors inside the drive unit (the motor) measuring pedal force, cadence and speed to adjust the assistance so that it feels just right. Usually paired with the hard-wired Purion handlebar display and control, or the detachable Intuvia display and control, to power on/off, select one of 4 assistance settings, customise display, operate lights and operate walk-assist.

Comes with an integrated platinum (13.8Ah) battery as standard, giving a maximum range of 180km.

The Bosch range calculator illustrates how battery range is affected by many variables, including riding style, bike components, terrain and conditions. It's not so easy to define a guaranteed range for your ebike!

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