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2019 Gazelle Cabby C7


The Cabby is a very high spec family bike with a forward facing bench seat on which you can carry up to two average sized five year olds. It has an optional 'cabin' to keep them dry in winter and can even take a car baby seat (Maxi Cosi). It is amazingly stable and easy to ride, park and unload - kids will just clamber in and out without it tipping. The luggage compartment can be folded to reduce the width of the bike or it can be easily removed entirely. Made of aluminium it is light for this style of bike and has seven speeds, which are an absolute must on a bike which has to carry such loads. It is fully equipped with hub dynamo lights, frame lock, steering lock and all the usual Gazelle good stuff, which makes it quite simply the most practical, most fun bike that you could ever own (as long as you have somewhere to park!). 

In our opinion the Cabby will knock those over-priced family tricycle contraptions into a cocked hat. We endorse this product because our kids grew up in one and we used it just about every day. Our kids loved it! 

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The Cabby has been a firm family and utility favourite - it's as good as a car and can be used for just about everything. Add a childseat on the rear for even more versatility. Shopping runs with two kids and a week's shopping are not a problem. But where it really earns its keep is for all those spontaneaous occasions where extra loads and kids are necessary such as when you have to carry them and their bikes!

We've used the Cabby over many years and we've come to the conclusion that anything is possible.

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