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The FollowMe tandem coupling is a brilliant design that allows you to couple up you child's bike to you own and create an instant tandem. This is a real boon to the active cycling family as it effectively extends the range that you can cycle with your children, whilst being more compact and more versatile than trailerbikes. Thus your 4-7 year old can accompany you on longer rides, using their own bike until tired and then hitching up to yours on the way home (or to gey up those hills!).

Unlike most trailerbikes however, it can also be used with a childseat - allowing you to move around on your bikes with two children, which also makes it a great everyday solution for the school run and family transport.

The FollowMe is simply the best tandem coupling on the market. Whilst appreciating the attractions of such products, we have over the years resisted stocking many of its competitors because of our concerns about safety. Other designs are simply too crude and simplistic resulting in a highly unstable ride. With the FollowMe you have a genuinely engineered solution that has addressed all of our concerns - such that we are happy to use them ourselves. 

Available in 2 configurations:

Standard solid, nutted axle £199.95, or

Hollow axle type e.g. Islabike £214.95



Frame type

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The FollowMe coupling will allow you to couple any kids' bike from 12" to 20" to an adult bike.

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