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It's no secret that cycling has got more popular over the last few years - which we are delighted about! There is a vast range of bikes for cycling on the road, whether you are doing sportives, racing or club riding there is something for you!

Road bikes are designed to be fast on the asphalt. Light weight frames, thin tyres with little tread and drop handlebars all help towards a slevete and speedy ride..

So, what material frame should I go for?

Aluminium is used as it is strong and lightweight, whilst at the same time cheaper than carbon fibre. It is easy to mass-produce frames in this material, which means it's very popular on entry level road bikes. Road racing bikes are made out of aluminium because it is extremely stiff when made right and stands up to crashes better than most carbon frames. The downside of aluminium is it can be too stiff to be comfortable over long distances, but as a value for money material it's hard to beat.

Carbon fibre has become the standard frame material in recent years for top level road bikes. It can be made into various shapes and sizes to offer different properties for different parts of the frame. Carbon is stiff enough for power transfer yet can take the vibration out of the road to increase comfort and allow the rider to go faster for longer. It is also the lightest material and so can command a higher price tag.

Steel is having a resurgence as a frame material. Used well, modern steel tubing can offer a good trade off between the demands of an aggressive road bike geometry and a comfortable feel that doesn't leave the rider worn out after a short ride. Steel is great for comfort as it's flexible - dealing well with the small vibrations and 'road buzz', as well as the bigger bumps without feeling like all power from the rider is being sapped away. Our steel frames from Condor offer classic styling, paired with contemporary steel alloys and construction methods to create a truly modern road bike in form and function. Another advantage of steel is it can be easily repaired with tubing replaced if the worst happens. You can create incredibly light frames using the exotic steel alloys, although carbon will probably always better it terms of weight saving.

Whatever your choice of frame material, we will have something to suit.
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