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Circe Helios Brut Tandem


The Helios Brut  is the freight and child carrying Helios. It comes with the durable and weather protected 8 sp Shimano Alfine hub gear and is equipped as standard with a cargo rack and rack extension. Run it as a braod load platform for a big crate, basket or box, or with 2-4 panniers or 1-2 childseats. When the adults want to go for a ride, just add stoker bars, pedals and rear seat post and saddle. Compatible with any rack-mount childseats, such as Bobike or Yepp.

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20" Wheel


Gloss Black

The Circe Helios is an innovative and versatile tandem that is available in a number of different configurations according to your needs. Sporty or practical, for two adults, or and adult/child the Helios is a bike the can be adapted to the difffering needs of a large cross section of riders.

Twenty inch wheels are the key to its versatility - allowing the frame to accomodate an adult pilot and a very small stoker - down to as young as five years old (with crank shorteners available for junior stokers).

Twenty inch wheels are also key to this bike's practicality - making for a short, less cumbersome package than most other tandems. This will be much appreciated when it comes to storage and transportation. Great for smaller York houses!

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