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2018 Ridgeback Tour


The Ridegback Tour will give you an eminently respectable touring package for the very affordable price. 24 speed touring ratio gears with a bottom of around 24"; Shimano Claris dual control levers; good quality Continental  700 x 32 tyres; rack and mudguards. So what's the catch? An aluminium, instead of a steel frame. The benefits first: it's lighter and the stiffness will make for a livelier ride which may come in handy for faster commutes or with the loads it could carry. It's great quality and well finished too. It's not one for the steely purists - but for this you'll have to spend a lot more. But is has its place - making quality touring accessible -  if your wallet is not yet ready for the bike of your dreams. There are other ways too, to mitigate any perceived harshness in the ride (saddle, suspension seatpost, extra bar tape?). We like it and you will like the price.

Class Rating


Frame type

Semi compact diamond

Size options

50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 cm


Gloss metallic grey

Ridgeback's World range is a group of bikes for people who quite simply want to travel.  The modern embodiment of the British tradition of bikes made for the open road. Characterised by traditional geometry frames with drop handlebars, these bikes will give you the confidence to plan to go further afield. Whether you're planning a day's pootle, a longer perambulation along the byways of these islands, or you're planning a year-long self-supported epic, there's a bike here for you.

As we have come to expect from Ridgeback, the bikes in the World range are equipped with sensible components unencumbered by fad or fashion. We love these purposeful bikes - mostly made of steel, except for the entry level, but nonetheless worthy aluminium framed Tour.

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