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2019 Gazelle Balance C7 HFP unisex

£2099.99 including bronze battery

The Gazelle Balance C7 HFP is unique in the world of pedal-assist bikes, as far as we know, in that it offers a cycling solution to anyone who feels unstable, unsure or lacking in confidence. The super-low step-through frame allows mounting with minimal leg lift. The clever frame design means that with the saddle set at a height to allow full leg extension while pedalling, the rider is always able to put both feet flat on the ground for maximum stability. Add to this the wide stable pedal platforms and the wide comfortable sprung saddle, and this bike is a serious doddle to ride.

Any rider who feels a lack of confidence or stability when starting or stopping or who has reduced mobility will love this bike. Where traditionally a rider may have felt unable to continue riding a bike for any of the above reasons, the Balance C7 HFP will enable full riding enjoyment to be extended.


Balance C7 HFP with bronze 6.6Ah) battery £2099.99

Balance C7 HFP with silver (8.8Ah) battery £2199.99

Balance C7 HFP with gold (11Ah) battery £2329.99

Balance C7 HFP with platinum (13.5Ah) battery £2499.99

Class Rating


Frame type

Low step thru monotube

Size options

Unisex 46cm


Panther black


The Panasonic pedal assist system features a front hub motor fed by a lithium polymer battery sleekly mounted in the rear rack. Manufactured by the huge and widely respected Japanese technology corporation the advantages offered by the Panasonic front hub system are that it looks like a normal Gazelle with a hub brake and hub dynamo, it is light and quiet and it is relatively inexpensive.

Battery choice from 4 capacities: bronze at 6.6Ah, silver at 8.8Ah, gold at 11Ah and platinum at 13.5Ah, offering up to 40 miles,  50 miles, 69 miles or 75 miles of range respectively.

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