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2021 Gazelle Esprit C7 High Step


The Esprit C7 is a great value model, delivering all of Gazelle's legendary quality and most of Gazelle's incredibly useful daily accesories to the more cost-conscious customer. Careful selection of components has enabled this great-looking, fully equipped, 7 speed Dutch city bike to be yours for a smidge under £600. It's now available with an integrated front light mount that doubles up as a neat basket mount (the light then remounts onto the basket itself). It remains our most affordable Gazelle bike. Available in 2 colours and also available to order in 3 speed.

Esprit C7 £649.99

Esprit C3 £549.99




Class Rating


Frame type

Contemporary men's

Size options

49, 54 and 59cm


Matt Black or Petrol Matt

Axa frame locks
All Gazelles have a frame lock fitted at the rear of the bike, which immobilises the rear wheel at the flick of a lever. This means that an opportunist thief will have to carry your pride and joy away. If you use it in conjunction with a good D-lock, you have great security.

The lock always comes with 2 keys - if you lose them or damage them, all is not lost. We have outlined all you need to know here.


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