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2018 Gazelle Orange CX HMB Men's

£2899.99 including silver battery

Now from only £2099.99 (300Wh battery)

In 53cm only.

The Orange CX HMB is a unique pedal assist bike and probably the most sophisticated in our range. Equipped with the Harmony N380 continuously variable transmission gear hub, offering gear change as simple as a volume control, either manually or automatically. No more clunking between indexed gears, just smooth transitions between ratios with the feather-light twist shift. In manual mode, your gearing is controlled directly by your adjustments of the shift control.  If you're in automatic mode, your shift control sets the cadence (pedalling rate) that you find comfortable and the system will automatically adjust the gear you need to maintain that cadence whatever your speed. It really is stunning to use!

The transmission integrates with the powerful Bosch motor system mounted between the pedals, fed by the sleek lithium polymer battery mounted on the rear rack; quiet and powerful and efficient. One of the beautiful features of the NuVinci Harmony in automatic mode is that by maintaining a constant pedalling cadence, you will enhance the efficiency of the system by eking out the maximum range from your battery. We suspect that this capability alone probably delivers a few miles additional range every battery charge.

As you'd expect from a bike with such a high-end position in the Gazelle line-up, there are plenty of luxurious and high spec components to accompany the power train; super-powerful Magura HS11 hydraulic brakes,high spec Busch and Muller front light, minimalist suspension forks and, of course, the usual Dutch bike components.

The Orange CX HMB has everything you could wish for in a comfort pedal-assist bike. It will suit anyone looking for pedal-assistance, but especially if you need assistance in absolutely any kind of terrain, if you would rather enjoy the ride without having to think about changing gears and if you want to be able to cruise in sheer, unadulterated luxury.

Battery Upgrades:
With Silver battery: £2899.99
With Gold battery: £3029.99
With Platinum battery: £3199.99

Base price includes a silver battery

Class Rating


Frame type

Classic men's diamond

Size options

53, 57, 61cm


Black and grace silver

Well-known German brand  - reliable, high quality with  no quibble 2-year warranty on electrical components.

Active Line Plus
Powerful and efficient, providing a grunty 50Nm of torque. Sophisticated control system of 3 sensors inside the drive unit (the motor) measuring pedal force, cadence and speed to adjust the assistance so that it feels just right. Usually paired with the detachable Intuvia display and control or the all-powerful Nyon display and control with on-board GPS, to power on/off, select one of 4 assistance settings, customise display, operate lights and operate walk-assist.

Choice of silver (8.3Ah), gold (11.1Ah) or platinum (13.8Ah) batteries, giving a maximum range of 104km, 141km, or 178km.

The Bosch range calculator illustrates how battery range is affected by many variables, including riding style, bike components, terrain and conditions. It's not so easy to define a guaranteed range for your ebike!

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