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2020 Surly Bridge Club

Was £1,399.99


In MD only only.

The Surly Bridge Club is a flat-bar all-terrain touring / utility / expedition bike that you could configure in any which way you fancy. Like all things Surly, it has fittings and capacity for most stuff, but is optimised for the essentials. Disc brake specific and available with 700c or 650b wheels, it can wear the fattest tyres you'd ever want, with or without mudguards.

Handing it over to Surly - they say:

Bridge Club is for those multi-surface outings — planned or unplanned. We've all run out the clock on a dirt tour and had to add in some paved shortcuts. Conversely, when you’re feeling a little zesty on your next road tour, Bridge Club is ready for reroutes through the woods.

Some people hear "bike touring" and immediately think of long-forgotten stretches of highway, small-town oddities, and roadside attractions. Some instantly recall desolate stretches of desert dirt roads or lush green forest trails. With Bridge Club, you can have your dessert and eat it too!

Class Rating


Frame type

Classic men's diamond

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MD only


Diving board blue

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