Junior and Kids Bikes

Kids Bikes

A bike has no end of advantages for children, perhaps the biggest being their enjoyment of the 'simple joy of riding a bike' (partial JFK quote there!). We stock a variety of bike styles that suit the 'just walking' to the teenager and we'll make sure your child is correctly fitted to whichever style you (or they) decide!

Learning to ride a bike.

We sell both balance bikes and bikes with stabilisers, for children learning to ride. However, we cannot stress how much we recommend the former. Teaching your child to balance before they get distracted by pedals really helps them get along a lot faster. We accept that some children need the extra confidence boost of stabilisers and that’s fine too. Speak to one of our staff for advice and help getting your child started.

Next step (or pedal)

We have mountain, hybrid and road bikes, with a bigger choice the older they get. All bikes can go on pavement or on cycle paths, however if your little monster prefers diving into muddy fields on 2 wheels, then you might want to look at mountain bikes. If you have more of a little road runner, try a hybrid or road bike which are build for speed and are lighter, for longer distances.

A small note... Back pedal brakes are brilliant

Coaster brakes, as they are called, are unusual in the UK but very common on the continent. They are intuitive and quick acting. They are great for younger children who may not have the dexterity or strength to pull a brake lever. They also stop them pedalling backwards instead of forwards! Give them a go as they are gret for the early years.




Cycle Heaven 5 point scale:

Lycra obligatory
Lycra necessary
Lycra optional
No lycra here
Going nowhere fast

Your Renaissance bike
Jack of all trades and master of some
Jack of all trades, better at some than others
Master of one, jack of another
Highly adapted – master of one

Well equipped and capable
High level of equipment with hub or derailleur gears
Half way practical
Sporty bikes that will take mudguards
Not a practical bike, so go have fun!


2017 Genesis Alpha 24'

Was £449.99

Now only £399.99

2017 Genesis Beta 26 Road

Was £649.99

Now only £499.99

2018 Ridgeback Destiny 24"

Was £299.99

Now only £249.99

2018 Ridgeback Dimension 16

Was £219.99

Now only £199.99

2018 Ridgeback Dimension 20

Was £309.99

Now only £249.99

2018 Ridgeback Dimension 24

Was £329.99

Now only £269.99

2018 Ridgeback Dimension 26

Was £349.99

Now only £289.99

2018 Ridgeback Harmony 20"

Was £269.99

Now only £229.99

2018 Ridgeback Honey 14"

Was £159.99

Now only £129.99

2018 Ridgeback MX14 14"

Was £159.99

Now only £129.99

Ridgeback MX16 Kids bike

Was £189.99

Now only £159.99

2018 Ridgeback MX20 20"

Was £259.99

Now only £229.99

2018 Ridgeback MX24

Was £299.99

Now only £249.99

Puky LR XL


Puky LR1


Puky LRM


Puky Z2


Puky Z6